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For foreigners(About buying tickets)

Tickets for Arabaki Rock Fest.20 is available from overseas.
Please check following URL in detail.(Jump to other website)

Admission tickets

Admission tickets


From April 25 to 26, 2020, it is a shuttle bus ticket directly from the station to the "Arabakirock Fes"
venue held at "Ecocamp Michinoku" in Shibata-gun, Miyagi prefecture.
The shuttle bus is very convenient from Sendai station.

Please take advantage of this opportunity.


  1. Tickets must be purchased for tickets on the same day that there are two types of round-trip tickets and one-way tickets.
  2. Shuttle Bus Available to our Customers About our travel business You agree to the terms and conditions.

Recruitment Details

Included in travel fee : One way shuttle bus ticket fee from Sendai station to the concert venue

Hours of operation

  • Outward trip From 7 am to 1 pm every hour every hour from time to time
  • Return flight From 3 pm after the performance at any time

Time required from Sendai station to the concert venue is about 50~60 minutes is scheduled

Please come to the shuttle bus stop at the designated time it may not be possible to board the ride after the specifield time

Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice Please note

※Please select from the following

【Reservation】 One-way shuttle bus ticket (4/25 or 4/26)

【Reservation】 Round-trip shuttle bus ticket (4/25 or 4/26)